19 July 2008


Excited…welcoming our first child 19 July 1985> The world are busy with Live Aids concerts> Not coming out voluntarily> Tried forcing out> Doctor “Sorry we've try our best”> Finally a “door” need to be open that Friday afternoon> Together ever since, from sesame street@tv, roti canai@mamak to tawaf@kaabah> Partner at the mall every time we "split up"> Consider a friend and a son, sharing topics from computer,religions, politic> Have being a good and trouble free son> Saddest day/night sending off to MRSM> Video games a passion since “birth”> Biggest headache PC hard disk crashed for the final project, missing the Thailand Tour> Move forward into new experience, career, marriage, fatherhood>

Always set high target> work hard> pray hard and be thankful for all the nikmat and rahmat

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