27 July 2008


10 most remembered@Robert deSilva
  1. Riding our superbike through a very dark stormy night from KL to Ipoh, and survived.
  2. His talents and special ability to smell for best food around Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh Penang… any where lah
  3. Untiring and passionate organizer for the annual berbuka puasa for his comrade at the site office… thank you
  4. The heartbreaking period he had to face the predicament pertaining to his ailing mother.
  5. Laughing about having to bring umbrella to his faithful but leaking Mitsubishi.
  6. Buying an expensive mattress in the hope of seeing him becoming a millionaire and one day flying me of to an expensive lunch in a posh restaurant in Washington.
  7. Bayan Baru projects, which is adjacent to the airport, and the close call for allowing the mobile crane going vertical right in the middle of the flight path.
  8. Always have the family at the top of his priority and a very very family kind of person
  9. Site office’s joker and entertainer, assisting in reducing work stress, through laughter.
  10. A sensitive and easily sulk…. sulking to those he love at the site office, a process of expressing this complex and sensitive emotion.

Bert 58 birthday.. . NOT 1958

Mr Bert never fail to call me on my birthday eve….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wish you health and happiness always.

Do keep in touch... apart from your St Michael Institutions buddies.

Interesting reading at your site > http://smi.robertdesilva.com/

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