31 August 2009



LAST YEAR - activities in the month of Ramadan were carried out by the 4 of us... ShukZanWanAja. Together we fast, break fast at home/hotels/restaurants, shop for foods/clothing, went for solat terawih, bersahur... THIS YEAR - Syaza & Syazwan are married. Syaza left with Rassyid to the USA to further their studies and Syazwan gone to the in-law's... So now there's only the 2 of us SZ=ShukZan.
But we're not 'alone' NorJannah the house assistance is around so are 3cats & 3kittens.
It's a matter of 'cycle' I guese... And this Aidifitri will definitely be different without Ayah & Abang. I still get teary eyes during terawih prayer, whenever Ayah images flashed through... So it's a new Ramadan & Aidifitri starting 2009. I pray to ALLAH Zan
& I will be blessed with health and happiness always... so do our kids & in-laws. Amin

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