29 July 2009


A daughter is forever… No matter how old she is, in your heart she’ll always be that little girl full of imagination, dreams and fantastic potential – the one who captured your heart the day she came into your life…

Now she’s married with a husband who will take over the role and responsibility that the parents have being doing throughout her life…??? It’s really not that easy to let go of the r&r, especially since both of them are young. Hope they will start moving into the real world with open mind and guidance from Allah. I will always pray for their everlasting happiness. Hope they will always keep their patience, line of frank communication open at all time especially during “bad” moment, and always remember nothing and nobody’s perfect… except Allah.

Syaza and Rassyid will be flying off to Pittsburg USA to pursue their knowledge in Political Science this August. It will not be easy for me - as I’m not the goodbye type of person. She have being with us all this 20 years. It will be hard… just like the time when Syazwan was to be enrolled into MRSM in Bersia, Perlis. The night before must be my saddest night… and I could hardly sleep, spending most of the time in the hotel bathroom.... SHE"S LEAVING HOME!

Arrangement for my daughter’s wedding reception will be initiated soon. InsyaAllah it will be held next July at Nilai Impian during the summer break. Hope it will be as beautiful and successful as the one for Syazwan and Syazwani.

Please know and remember that it is with the greatest joy that I am your guardian and protector. Please know and remember that I will always strive to fulfill these roles with honor, trust and respect for your thoughts, feelings and individuality. What matters most in life are the people you love and you will be one of the people in my life whom I love the most. You are the essence of joy and the true meaning of life. You are the part of me that I’m most proud of because you’re you You are the rare treasured gift. You are a dream with all its hope and promise. You are love, endless and pure. You are my beautiful daughter. Please know and remember this always.

Question:There is a widespread custom of a young woman or her father refusing those who propose to her until she has completed her high school or university education, or so that she may study for a number of years. What is the ruling on that?
Answer:My advice to all young men and women is to marry without delay and to hasten to it, if conditions permit, as the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi was salaam said:
‘O you young men! Those among you who have the means and the ability should marry, because it restrains the eyes (from evil glances) and preserves the private parts (from immorality). And whoever is unable to do so, should fast because it is a protection for him.’ (Al-Bukhari no. 5066 and Muslim no. 1400)
And he sallallaahu alayhi was salaam said:
‘If one whose religion and character pleases you proposes to you, then marry (your daughter to) him. If you do not do so, it will be a cause of trial in the land and great corruption.’ (At-Tirmithi no. 1084)

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