16 February 2009


  1. Time sure fly fast… it was like yesterday -16 February 1989- that we thought was going to be the second cesarean birth for Zan, after Syazwan’s arrival in 1985. However, the scheduled operation was delay because the doctor was needed to carry out an unplanned emergency operation. So I went for a quick lunch… by the time I came back Syaza was delivered - without the operation. I was later told that a nurse came over to Zan’s bed and successfully coach her on the breathing and pushing technique. It was the greatest feeling and we were so thankful that we got a pair… a boy and a girl… Alhamdulillah. We brought home the baby girl from Roopi Clinic to Taman Permata… and spend our time bringing up Syaza from 1989 until 2009 in this neighborhood… kindergarten, religious school, Quran class, tuition class, primary school, secondary school and INTI University College. After 20 years…. we move to Nilai Impian. And in the middle of 2009 she be flying off to USA to further her study. That would be difficult for us all, as we have always being together.
  2. She practically grew up right in front of us, from crying, crawling, walking, swimming, running, skating, cycling, singing, talking, discussing, debating, arguing, driving, photographing, guitaring… Syaza have done extremely well in almost everything she does. I miss all those time when we hugged, she sat on my lap, climbed on my back, attend concerts, cycling, swimmed to the bottom of the swimming pool, played, teased, talked, cycled.... it make me sad just thinking of those time that goes too fast? But one of the saddest moment was when she was left behind for the 2007 Haj even though she was chosen... I wept & prayed throughout the Haj season everything I thought of Syaza being left behind - but God knows best.. takdir.
  3. She once had a birthday gathering with friends at our “back yard” in Taman Permata when she was 11 years old. And last night after 10 years she invited her new friends to her birthday gathering at our “back yard” in Nilai.. My prayer will always be for her continuous success in life… in everything she does - dunia dan akhirat. And pray she would always be… a humble self, respect others and be thankful to GOD for all the blessing.
HAPPY -20- BIRTHDAY Aja … love you always.
Take care and strive for the best always.

Never forget we are Malay second Muslim first. Wassalam..

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