28 January 2009

SZ 2009@Nilai Impian

Jalan Permata 4

We finally move from HULU KELANG to NILAI IMPIAN with a feeling of excitement and sadness. Being rooted at Hulu Kelang since the 80s immediately after married. So many many many memories came flashing back as we migrate to the South.

Start on our own at Melawati. First landowner wanted to move back to her unit after renting to us for only a couple of months. We move a few units away, and also encountered another problem as the bank were going after the property. We end up on the other side in Permata 4. Syazwan came, through Roopi Clinic. One day the landowner requested we vacate the house as he was transferred back to KL. Again looking for a house. Found one for sale…. and that it. Bought it. Syaza came, through Roopi Clinic. We been together ever since… the four of us. The SZ Creative Studio were based in Taman Permata since. Here they grew… learning to walk, run, jump, cycle, swim, mengaji, tuition, drive…

And all the experiences…. the pasar malam has become Giant Supermarket. Century Club where we swim; play badminton; karaoke; video games, Haji Tapak’s roti nan, the school where we collected their yearly report card as well as awards, Restaurant NZ, Jaya Jusco, KLCC, Ampang Park, Briani Johor. Arwah Mak was our special guest until her passing. Renovated the house a few time. Moving temporarily to a rented house. All the cats and the maids.

A very wonderfully beautiful HOME. Really miss the place and it feeling of security and togetherness … that kept us safe and sound all those years. Syazwan almost left home for MRSM but some how was pull back home. Eventually Syazwan move out to Multi Media University in Cyberjaya, but will be back for all weekend and so did Syaza to INTI in Nilai. Loads of memories.

Pray that the NEW HOME be as good or better. Guess this is where I’m going to retreat after retirement. Syazwan and Syaza will one day have their own. But for now this is HOME for us especially for Zan and I to grow old together insyaAllah
arly Days@Permata 4

Our First Home@Permata 2
Our Last Day@Permata 2

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Anonymous said...

I came across ur blog by chance...well welcome to nilai. Hope u like it as much as i do. What i really want to say is....i like the pics u posted in ur blogs and nice home u hv there.